Born in Vicenza, a northeastern city in the Veneto region of Italy, Nick spent his early years charming ladies, drinking milk, and enjoying porcini mushroom risottos. Then, at age 7, he moved to Paignton, where he would spend his days until 19 years old, eventually going on to study Psychology at Bournemouth University. Presently, Nick is based in Barcelona – educating children and adults alike in the realm of English teaching, a scary thought for many of his old schoolteachers.

Having always had a curious mind, as well as a passion for films and documentaries, he leapt at the chance to be able to create videos in a content-rich city like Barcelona.

Being half Italian and half English gives him the advantage of being simultaneously able to: use the phrase “We’d better make a move” to signal when it’s time to depart and be excessively loud during group conversations.

Nick also wrote this himself.

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Jack has a pretty eclectic working history ranging from illustration, copywriting, sales and teaching.

His academic background leans towards advertising and marketing, having studied Advertising at Bournemouth University and moving on to study under the infamous Tony Cullingham on the Watford advertising course. He soon left London though and relocated to Barcelona to try his hand at teaching,

Jack is always looking for the next creative venture, so giving a glimpse into some of the lives around him in Barcelona seemed like an appropriate challenge.

Claims to fame include, having had a wee inside 10 Downing Street, having gone on tour with a country rock band across America and a certain likeness to everyone’s favourite playboy royal.